• Land Reclamation

    We Quickly Restore the Environment

    Our land reclamation and remediation team works to re-vegetate construction sites throughout Western Canada

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  • Erosion Control

    Effectively Establish Vegetation

    Alberta Hydroseeding utilizes a multitude of erosion control processes and applications

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  • Top Soil & Finish Grading

    Helping The Environment Grow

    Hyrdoseeding is versatile, environmentally friendly, reduces soil erosion, and seeds germinate efficiently.

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  • Seed Establishment

    Efficient Seed Establishment

    We create a customized maintenance plan to achieve to ensure lush, green and deeply rooted vegetation

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Welcome to Alberta Hydroseeding Inc.

Our main focus is plant re-establishment, our specialty is, of course, Hydroseeding.

We’re one of the very first hydroseeding companies in western Canada strictly providing Hydroseeding services to our customers.

Since 2001, our business has developed a firm grip on what it takes to make plants grow effectively.

Soil Stabilizing / Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) has become a huge part of our scope of work to help our customers to conform to the ever-changing world environment regulations and code.

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Recent Project Work