• Land Reclamation

  • Land Reclamation

  • Land Reclamation

Since 2001, Alberta Hydroseeding has continued to keep Alberta green. Our qualified and expert land reclamation and land remediation team works with commercial, industrial and municipal clients to re-vegetate existing and new construction sites throughout Western Canada.

We quickly and efficiently restore the environment using proven methods including hydroseeding, mechanical seeding and broadcast seeding techniques.


Hydroseeding is an environmentally sound process that uses a mixture of seed, fertilizer, fibre-mulch and water in proper proportions to create a homogenous slurry that is then sprayed onto designated areas. Its versatility allows for seed application in difficult areas including slopes, berms, ditches and narrow strips.

With hydroseeding, seed germinates faster, a higher percentage of seed germinates, soil erosion is greatly reduced, grass plant survival is higher, and results are a uniform distribution of seed, fertilizer and mulch. Hydroseeding is a brilliant alternative to costly sodding, as it is less labor intensive, more economical and establishes uniform turf coverage for rapid plant growth.  

Mechanical Seeding

Mechanical seeding places seeds at correct depths and provides cover, packing the soil to protect seeds from wind, UV, and hot/cold temperature swings that can stop germination.

Using tractors and various implements, including Broadcast Seeders, Drill Seeders and Brillion Seeders, Alberta Hydroseeding re-establishes plant growth quickly and efficiently.